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Colection Vintage


Colección Vintage is Pepe’s personal journey throughout the Spanish wine regions, in pursuit of the feelings, sensations and moments which each DO and variety offers. A journey to enjoy, sit back and relax, forget the known and transform every moment into a wine adventure. A peregrination to find those families who elaborate those unique wines which have many good moments to offer us.

We have restored an old Vespa, cleaned the dust from our vintage bicycle and rescued a hippie van, to drive through rugged terrain which will lead us to discover surprising wines and vineyards.

Fancy joining us?

La Moto Garnacha

Driving our red Vespa, we finally arrived to Calatayud. Here, we’ve discovered a family winery, which more than a winery, it’s an obsession with the Garnacha variety. It’s the love from Javier and his family towards recovering this once forgotten variety. In the heart of the old roman Calatayud, we head to the Pardos mountain chain at 1,000m to rescue old vines (40-50 years old), which were abandoned due to depopulation. Clay and slate soils and steep hillsides are key to tame the wildest Garnacha, getting an incredible wine which will win your heart.


La Motito

It’s La Moto younger brother. We switch our Vespa gear to discover young Garnacha vines, grown in hostile clay soil in the Pardos mountain chain at 1,000m. With this high altitude Garnacha, we elaborate La Motito 100% young Garnacha.


La Moto Gewürztraminer

Still in Aragon, we adjust our aviator glassed and leather helmet, with direction to the Pyrenes. Up there, we find the highest winery in Somontano, surrounded by truffles in the idyllic Isábena valley. Its altitude, vegetation and water streams takes us to the bucolic Pre-Pyrenes landscape. Here, the Alsacian variety Gewurztraminer has an exceptional behaviour. It’s difficult to elaborate, but the extreme continental climate is key to craft this high quality wine.


La Furgo

Our journey with our hippie van has taken us to the Rioja Alavesa. Our adventure instinct guide us towards the medieval village of Laguardia, where we find a small family vinery with a clear premise: the quality of Tempranillo. Green pruning, grape grain selection and low vine performance. What we would call a modern and fun Rioja.