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Vinos Divertidos


Vinos Divertidos is a personal project which strives to bring wine and fun together, through surprising indigenous varieties and family micro-wineries.

We elaborate wine which communicate personal stories and transmits a joyful and relax philosophy. These wines are made for young-spirited individuals, leaders in their environment. We aim people who knows how to enjoy life and isn’t too bothered about formalisms and protocols.


Vinos Divertidos is a Pepe Marco’s personal project which was born 10 years ago in a micro-winery in Somontano. The objective was to elaborate wine in family micro-wineries, using a fun and no-nonsense approach. With an extensive knowledge about wine, Pepe decided to leave his job at Allied Domecq in order to challenge the wine status quo, and develop his passion for wine. He wanted to downplay the excessive seriousness and formality in the wine world. To make unusual and rare Spanish indigenous grape known. To be politically incorrect, innovate and break the rules of the wine world.

Everything started in Somontano, in the idyllic Isábena valley, where Pepe joined together with a micro-winery with the objective of elaborating the first vino divertido: the Cojón de Gato. From then on, and with his son Alex and other wine lovers’ help, he travels across the Spanish wine regions looking for those stories, conditions and terroir needed to elaborate wine which tells personal stories: los Vinos Divertidos

Enjoy the moment

We create unusual and quirky wines, which are really easy to drink and invites you to enjoy another glass. We want to be the wine which encourages friends to have an improvised dinner around the table. We move away from the typical wine stereotypes, in order to excite the wine lovers with uncommon indigenous varieties, surprising wines and family projects. We aren’t afraid to use humour and play with the excessive seriousness of the wine world.

Enjoy the moment, forget the protocols and etiquette, and simply enjoy a glass of Vinos Divertidos with your loved ones.

Pepe Marco

“Who I am? I am the winemaker, designer, vine-trimmer, pallet-preparer, wine-taster and the wine-jack of all trades. I live because and for Vinos Divertidos”