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Vinos Divertidos Wineries

We own family-estate vineyards and elaborate Vinos Divertidos in 6 different Spanish DOs, with the help of our awesome team.

Bal D’Isábena – Vinos Divertidos winery in Somontano

Bal d’Isábena is the main Vinos Divertidos winery, where our adventure first started 10 years ago. Situated at 700m altitude in the idyllic Isábena valley, it’s the highest winery in Somontano. In the heart of the Pre-Pyrene, the vineyards are surrounded by forests where there are truffles in abundance. Nearby we find the Sierra the Guara, where adventurers from all over the world dare to do cannoning and extreme water sports in the canyons carved by the ice-melting water. There’s an extreme weather contrast, really hot in summer and snowy conditions in winter, which helps to produce exceptional quality wines

  • Vinos Divertidos owned vineyards: 8 ha
  • Average altitude: 700m
  • Winemaker: Kike Larruy & Pepe Marco

Cubero – Vinos Divertidos winery in Calatayud

More than a winery, it’s an obsession with Garnacha. It’s the love from Javier and his family towards recovering this once forgotten variety, in order to make its quality known. In the heart of the old roman Calatayud, we head to the Pardos mountain chain at 1,000m to rescue old vines (40-50 years old), which were abandoned due to depopulation. Clay and slate soils and steep hillsides are key to tame the wildest Garnacha, getting an incredible wine which will win your heart.

  • Vinos Divertidos owned vineyards: 5 ha
  • Average altitude: 1000m
  • Winemaker: Javier Cubero y Pepe Marco

Peñafiel – Vinos Divertidos winery in Ribera y Rueda

In Peñafiel we encounter the “Milla de Oro” (golden mile) vinyards. Investigating the Barón de Filar legend along the Duero riverside, we find varieties like the Tempranillo or Tinta Fina which, thanks to the climate and soil, allow us to produce wines which the quality as standard. But our journey doesn’t stop here! The Barón de Filar triplane conduct us to Rueda, where we discover a surprising white wine.

  • Vinos Divertidos owned vineyards: 4 ha
  • Average altitude: 800m
  • Winemaker: Juan Cantos y Pepe Marco

Galir – Vinos Divertidos winery in Valdeorras

In the confluence between the Sil and Galir rivers, we are seduced by the Godello freshness. Old vine vineyards, steep slate soil and 700m altitude, this is the place in Galicia with more sun hours. The detailed attention from David, second generation in the micro-winery, is a fundamental ingredient to elaborate the most playful Godello. The vines are located in a really complicated terrain, and we do manual cultivation to obtain a scarce production, only compensated by the quality of the wines obtained, and the smile on the faces of those who try it.

  • Vinos Divertidos owned vineyards: 3 ha
  • Average altitude: 800m
  • Winemaker: David Barros y Pepe Marco

Las Orcas – Vinos Divertidos winery in La Rioja

We drive our old hippy van with our friend Rai, arriving to the medieval village of Laguardia, capital of the Rioja Alavesa. Here, we fall in love with a family winery’s passion, which several generations of experience when it comes to cultivate Tempranillo. They only have one premise: the quality of the Tempranillo. A combination between tradition and modern techniques allows us to enjoy the most divertido wines, a modern Rioja, no doubt.

  • Vinos Divertidos owned vineyards: 4
  • Average altitude: 600m
  • Winemaker: Rai Abando y Pepe Marco