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At the end of the day, it’s all about enjoying wines without formalisms

Vinos Divertidos is a personal project which strives to bring wine and fun together, through surprising indigenous varieties and family micro-wineries.

Enjoy the moment, forget the protocols and etiquette, and simply enjoy a glass of Vinos Divertidos with your loved ones.

Vinos Divertidos

We own family-estate vineyards and elaborate Vinos Divertidos in 6 different Spanish DOs, with the help of our awesome team.

Línea Vintage

Coleccion Vintage

Colección Vintage is Pepe’s personal journey throughout the Spanish wine regions, in pursuit of the feelings, sensations and moments which each DO and variety offers. A journey to enjoy, sit back and relax, forget the known and transform every moment into a wine adventure.

Wine Animals

Wine Animals

Wine Animals is Vinos Divertidos’ most politically incorrect range, with the most irreverent names. So, what’s the relation between these names and the wine world? In reality, all of these wines are named after uncommon indigenous Spanish grapes varieties, some of them in danger of extinction.

Vinos Divertidos

Vinos Divertidos  elaborate wine which communicate personal stories and transmits a joyful and relax philosophy. These wines are made for young-spirited individuals, leaders in their environment. We aim people who knows how to enjoy life and isn’t too bothered about formalisms and protocols.

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